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    Blue Sky Collaborative is a privately held Boston-based company committed to building the best web-based software products available in order to help non-profit organizations live their mission, achieve their goals and make the world a better place. Blue Sky Collaborative has been in business since 2003, and was started by people who understand the non-profit world. Our clients are our partners and we begin everyday excited about the work we are doing together.

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    We've worked with non-profits of all sizes, from start-up all volunteer grassroot efforts to global non-profits, and for a variety of causes, from political to humanitarian to disease related charities. What unites our clients is that they are looking for an easy, effective and affordable partner to help them understand and solve the technology challenges they face. No where is this more clear than with our clients that use SWEET, our online pledge event and viral fundriasing software.

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Non Profit Disruptor

Really, I'd like to have what you are smoking, lol.

You say Causes is successful? It's a joke. They are burning so much money with no hope for profitabilty with their current business model- it's like 1999 all over again.

No address? So tell me, how is an organization able to know their donor's propensity to give? That, my friend, is 75% based on their address- their real estate holdings- so that you can then target the right amount to ask for the right donor.

Finally, online giving accounts for less than 4% of ALL giving in the US. 4%. Not 20%, not even 10%. 4%. It's nothing.

Combined with the fact that the average donor is over the age of 60, and you will see that direct mail isn't going anywhere.

If someone took your strategy to abandon street addresses, they would quickly go out of business.

You do have one thing right though- social fundraising utilizing old fashioned email and the Internet can raise more money from fewer people. You don't need Facebook. You don't need Twitter. Old fashioned email works fine and is the most effective. Why? Because no one gives on Facebook, because they have no money.

Follow the money, and you will raise more money, period. Direct mail and major gifts will always lead the way, and on-line giving will NEVER replace it.

(If you don't believe me, when was the last time you processed a $10,000+ gift on-line. Who in the right mind would want to encourage that when you can write a check and save at least 3-4% of the gift????)

-The Non Profit Disruptor

Syam Buradagunta

Thanks for the impassioned post my anonymous friend. Nowhere in my post did I suggest that major donations will happen on Facebook or online. I can respect your love of ancient fundraising tactics. I'm surprised that you didn't publish this post on a mimeograph and send the tablet to me by pony express. Of course, you would need my street to do that.

All kidding aside, I stand by my assertion that there absolutely WILL come a day when development directors will not need a street address.

You claim that nonprofits use street address data to get our home values and then they use this info to hit us up for money. You're right. But let me guess, you also believe that orgs have a right to check my credit score, dig deeper to see if I have kids and when they are going to college, find out what i drive, and so on.

I'm guessing that you use these same tactics at your org. This is probably why you didn't state your name. Perhaps it was good sense and not cowardice like i originally thought. Who would give to your organization?

The Draconian practices that you espouse will come to an end. Donors won't stand for it. And while you're at it, stop killing trees for your 2% return on direct mail. Send an email. Why do you need my street address? Are you coming over for dinner?

More corrections, regarding Facebook's financials:

Today, FB is not a viable fundraising channel, but Causes with over million members are no joke. The foundation is there. You'd have to be blind or in a state of denial, which is what i suspect in your case, not to see it.

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